Prenatal Yoga Poses For Women

Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Importance of Yoga during Pregnancy

An ancient Indian form of exercise or Yoga is very beneficial for a woman who is expecting a new life in her womb. Pregnancy is a matter of attention because it brings entire new perspective to mind, soul, and body of a woman. Yoga plays an important role in long term health benefits. Prenatal Yoga Poses are excellent way to have easy pregnancy.

One hand where a woman feels more experience changes in her structural form and emotions, she also faces depression because of the continuous changes she faces during pregnancy. This is the reason that health physician and advocates recommend Yoga during Pregnancy.

Yoga For Pregnancy

Yoga For Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga boosts the mood and help in wellbeing of pregnant women. Asana holding the breath and Pranayamas which is also a breathing technique helps in reducing the level of depression. It overflows the power of positive emotions in the body.

Yoga helps in baby delivery and post-delivery stages. Pregnant women may feel discomfort during Yoga, but the afterward benefits of Yoga for pregnancy such as less labour pain leads to such amazing impact that makes them happy and healthy.

It makes the body more flexible so women feel comfortable in adapting different positions during give birth to baby. Antenatal Yoga techniques relieve back pain, blood circulation, and fluid retention. These starching exercises help in other aches during pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga Classes.

It is important to decide from where a pregnant woman should start.

Firstly, you have to find yoga classes that provide a wide range of techniques for different stages of pregnancy. In other word, the nine months experience of carrying a baby in your womb should start with complete planning for physical and emotional wellbeing of both the mother and the child.

Yoga during pregnancy helps in increasing healthy thoughts and emotions which are equally necessary as a balanced diet. Depression or worries impact the growth of baby and it also affects the thoughts of baby. Prenatal yoga are best solution as in a yoga class you can meet different women have the same experience so it will be a wonderful opportunity to share and care.

A good supervisor helps in removing doubts and encouraging the women to opt pregnancy yoga. Once a woman has completed the Yoga learning then she can try Prenatal Yoga poses on her own in homes or gardens.

Here are a number of Prenatal Yoga classes you can choose for a good start!

  1. Pranayama Yoga

    Pranayama Yoga

Breath Yoga is very important to remind yourself to breath properly during pregnancy, because you have a tiny baby who needs oxygen at the same level you are breathing. Pranayama class helps in delivery to relax the mind and body for a difficult process.

  1. The Pelvic Floor

The Pelvic FloorThis pose helps digestive and reproductive organs and it also supports the baby. In this pose your muscles are attached to pelvis so it is directly beneficial for overall middle part of your body.

There are a number of pregnancy yoga poses that woman should practice during pregnancy. There are separate yoga classes available for women who want to focus on breath and different parts of body.

  1. The Posture Yoga

    The Posture Yoga

The posture yoga is very important for your back and after pregnancy postures. It strengthens your abdominal and lower back muscles to bring your body to original shape. It also keeps you safe form backache and other pains.

  1. The Feet Yoga


The Feet Yoga as its name predict that it is related to foot muscles, helps 26 bones, 33 joints, ligaments, and tendons in your feet. It treats edema and swelling of feet muscles.

  1. Hips Yoga

    Hips Yoga

The Hips Yoga helps in flexibility of front and back muscles. It structures the bones and makes it easy to deliver the baby.

Postnatal Yoga is also necessary to get in shape after pregnancy. A woman should rest for six months after delivery to start post prenatal yoga classes.

Pregnancy Yoga Poses

The many types of Prenatal Yoga Poses include

  1. Kundalini

    Kundalini Prenatal yoga posesIt is a breath based class giving attention to alignment of muscular-skeletal and Ashtanga. The movements work with glandular and lvengar. It also strengthens nervous system.

  1. Hatha Yoga


    Hatha Yoga

It is a mixture of all physical movement strengthening the body.

  1. Asana

It helps in preparing for birth with Yoga.

It is important to consult with the parental yoga practitioner because if you are not use of exercising then you should start with easy and small period of Yoga classes.

Yoga Diet

Diet plays essential role for the growth of a healthy baby and comfortable pregnancy.  A woman taking yoga classes should consult her dietitian for a healthy and balanced diet chart so eating well means incorporating all basic food groups in your meal and snacks.

Yoga Diet

It is important to add all the food groups in your diet.

Fruits and Vegetables Group

Fruits and vegetables contain different minerals and vitamins that are essential for a pregnant woman. A woman attending Prenatal Yoga Poses should eat fruits and vegetables rich with folic acid and vitamin C.

Grain Group

Include rich with Vitamin B, fiber, iron and protein. Grains are main source of energy for body so balance your Yoga diet with enough multigrain flour. You can also take different grains in the form of bakery items.

Milk and Protein Group

Yoga needs energy and it leads to strengthening and building muscles. Protein and dairy are very important elements to have a strong body and muscles of both mother and child.  Use good quality milk with additional Vitamin D for strong bones.

Keep reminding yourself that Poor diet will result lifelong consequences on both baby and mother so follow a chart of Yoga diet and enjoy pregnancy.

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