17th Aug
Angelia Grimes

How does it Feel to be Loved, Joy and Gratitude

To love someone is amazing. But to be loved is more amazing and beautiful. You can’t express your feelings or thoughts when you came to know that someone loves you more than anything else, you just feel blessed alive and love to be loved.


Best Thing is “To love and be loved back”!

Love is not just a feeling. Love is a choice; it is an attraction and a relation of respect. You simply can’t ignore being loved by someone because when someone loves you they respect you and care for you. They are always after you whenever you need them. You even don’t have to call them for help because they are always available and ready for the help.


Being in Love

True Love is an unending passage that breadths you up lovedin the tornado and you’re never entirely free from it. It stays with you as you wish that person to stay as well and that person is very lucky who love and loved back by the same person.

It feels like you can bring on the world with your hands and nothing can stop you. You continually have a grin all over and simply need everybody to feel the love that you are feeling also. This is the way it feels particularly when you love the person back too. Additionally in light of the fact that you know how joyful this feeling is, you trust other people get the opportunity to encounter the same too. You can’t express the feeling to know if someone is falling in love with you by looking at the way they stare at you and to feel all the things they do for you.

Some Special People who loved us for what we are!

To love and loved back doesn’t only mean romantic love. At times we get so found up searching for sentimental love that we neglect to welcome the loved ones who are dependably there, offering their help and support.

lovedYou may believe that friendship and other relationships are not the same as romantic love, but we also have to see some special people who loved us when we don’t even know the meaning of love. Those special people are also our parents. It is an extraordinary to be loved like that. They loved us from the first day and took care of us and there is no doubt in saying that they will love us forever no matter how much we hurt them our parents will not stop loving us. Our parents loved us for who we are and we should make ourselves worth their love.

How amazing is this “loved quote” by Michael Bergen!


And this by one and only William Shakespeare!


Being loved feels like invigoration, motivation, and magnificence of a dawn in your heart, it’s the kind of excitement that comes after a roller coaster in your heart. Once you realize the feeling of loved you want it more and more. You didn’t get enough of it.  It’s the feeling that gives you butterflies in your stomach and every time you wish to have it more than before.

Best Characteristic for loving someone

The best characteristic for loving somebody is that you always consider outside yourself and your own needs to fulfill someone else necessities and wishes. If two persons really love each other, it’s not a big deal for them to leave their own particular longings, their own needs, and their own time for each other. Sacrificing for one another is what true love is.

BUT, In any case, when it comes to giving up one’s sense of pride, one’s nobility, one’s physical body, one’s aspirations and life reason, just to be with somebody, then that same love gets to be hazardous.

Cherish being Loved

A cherishing relationship should supplement our individual character, not harm it or supplant it. If we face a situation where we’re enduring ill bred or harsh conduct, then that is basically what we’re doing, we’re permitting our love to devour us and refute us, and in case we’re not watchful, it will abandon us as a shell of that particular person we once were.


So, basically love is all about respect. To love and loved back is to give respect and get respect.

These loved quotes describe the meaning of love perfectly!


Being loved by someone is a great and beautiful experience. It’s one of the best encounters life brings to the table. Also, it is something everybody ought to seek to feel and appreciate.

It’s the kind of feeling that you wish never end. This experience can be so much great that you can fell happiness each passing second and you feel that you are the luckiest person in the whole world.

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