19th Aug
Angelia Grimes

Best Yoga Moves for a Good Health: A proper Yoga Therapy

 Yoga TherapyThe commencement of Yoga practice took place a thousand of years ago. The advent began in the spots of Asia then later it affect carried out throughout the globe. Hence, now we experience a high number of people and individuals involved in Yoga practice. The term Yoga practice has been so effective that it has been converted into a name as Yoga Therapy. Individuals that might belong to any corner of the world label this terminology as a glimpse of therapy for the fact that it brings productive results to many diseases, sickness, pain etc.

Therefore to enlighten you with positive aftermaths of Yoga Therapy. We’re here to jot down few of the topmost exercises of Yoga that are proportional to the different body organs to which they’re practiced on.

High Lunge

Bend the thigh and let the other leg to go straight towards the back-side. Raise both the hands to the upper direction and breathe in and exhale out the fresh air. The exercise alleviates the anxiety and increases the pumping of your heart. Also, the depression eradicates and you feel a lot in peace.

High Lunge

This derives your persona to obtain a better level of personality and to radiate better aura. Hence practice this yoga physical therapy and deliver a beautiful beginning to your awesome lifestyle.

Upper Arms – The Dolphin Move

Get along with yoga for therapy of your both internal and external peace. The Dolphin Move will benefit the body in making it both flexible and fluctuating. The rigidness would increase and you’d realize triceps, biceps and arms gaining better shape and structure. Lay down and let your sight to face towards the ground.

Upper Arms – The Dolphin Move

Straighten yourself and slowly raise up your buttocks. Bend the elbows and put your feet touching the ground. Don’t forget to tuck your toes and press your buttocks simultaneously to cause pressure over the elbows so the triceps commence to generate and biceps get rigid and strong. This yoga physical therapy is a must need for you if your body isn’t so flexible and bendy.

Abs & Lower BellyAbs & Lower Belly

This one’s a favourite yoga physical therapy of the famous celeb Yogini! Practicing this stiffens up your bones and make them stronger. It is a complete treat to the muscles of your belly and abs. In order to perform this yoga for therapy, sit high.

Straighten the knee up and bend it on 45 degree. Take your arm beneath the knee and commence to push it upside. If performing this action feels easy then try to finally straighten the leg as straight as a long stick. Also, do not forget to breathe in and out the fresh air while you’re doing it.

Downward Dog Split Pose

Straighten your body and lay down! And instantly higher up your hips or butt. Relax your head in between the straightened arms and breathe in and out the big fresh air of the atmosphere. As you gain the required control, gently raise up one side of your legs in the air as high as you can with your foot being flexible. Then, repeat the constant similar process on the next leg.

Downward Dog Split Pose

Plank Pose for the Chest

It is sort of a push-up exercise that stiffens up the chest and abs. Get yourself in the push-up position, devote the look of your sight towards a spot lying in front of you and start lifting your body up and down. Ensure to keep your wrist under your shoulders. Also, the knees should be below your hips. If you feel like your wrists can’t practice it flexibly then do it over your elbow.

yoga therapy

Side Plank Pose

A simple, yet productive yoga practice that doesn’t even require any yoga therapy training. yoga therapyWhile, most of the other yoga exercises might acquire a guidance or yoga therapy training. These of the listed above would surely not. Correspondingly this one also shares the similar criteria. Get yourself in a push-up position, set one arm at your back and another on the ground.

In this way, all the body weight would be lying over a single arm. Now push yourself down and up gradually. Also make sure that your arm is broadened against your chest and all the weight directs towards the sides of your body. This will make your sides to obtain the required rigidness and strength. It is a good pose for yoga as therapy.

 Flexibility and Peace

Get along with the listed exercises of Yoga for therapy of both internal and external structure of your body. The listed practices would cause you to gain better flexibility and the peace would not fade away. Hence, breathe in and out – let these yoga poses acting as yoga therapy to enhance your lifestyle. Yoga as therapy is great way to achieve your goal of mind peace.

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