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10 Relationship Questions you should ask before starting a Long Term Relation

Being in a relationship is about having a fabulous and romantic time and if you want your partner in a long term relationship then there are some relationship advice you ought to cover.

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Different kinds of Relationship Questions can be asked before staring a relationship so that both could avoid future relationship problems. The questions should be asked in such a way that other person could reply freely without thinking so much. Asking few questions about the other person is one of the best relationship tips before starting and I think this would be a fun practice in any case!

So, the relationship questions that should be asked are listed below with the reasons. Read them out and enjoy!

1-    What are your good and bad Habits?

Telling each other about the good and bad habits is one of the most important things to do. If both already know about their habits then there is very less chances of any kind of relationship issues. It is the best thing for relationship advice forunderstanding each other especially at the initial stage of relationship.

2-    Your life’s most important things?

Asking the other person about the most important thing of their life is another important relationship question. Asking a lot of questions before is like a relationship advice, which is a good activity to understand your partner. So, by knowing the important things of your partner’s life you can adjust yourself more easily and according to your partner’s way and your partner will surely admire this.

3-      What qualities would you want in your partner?

Asking about their choice is a thing which can lead you to understand your partner more than before. If you know what your partner will like in you, then you can try to be a better choice for them (It is a great thing to be yourself butrelationship test to bring little changes for your loved ones is not a big deal and trust me it’s a great relationship advice).  So, you can try to bring some small changes if you feel that your qualities don’t match your partner’s choice.

4-      How do you feel about me when we met first (Answer Honestly)?

This one is quite interesting question for your relationship advice.  It will allow you to know the thinking of your partner about you and trust me you would love to hear the answer from your partner because it’s the kind of question that can help you knowing your partner’s thinking.

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5-      Are you a moody Person?

Okay! Now this one is another interesting question because knowing about your partner’s mood is very important as it can help you to avoid relationship issues in future and can help you understand your partner. Asking about the moods of your partner before jumping into a long term relationship is so far the best relationship tip.

6-      What is your biggest Fear?

Now, asking about the fear of your partner may seem an unimportant relationship question but it is a good practice to ask if you are planning a long term relationship. You should know about your partner’s fear so that you can understand and support them during their bad times or when they need you.


7-      What is your favorite kind of food?

To ask about your partner’s taste is a relationship advice for a perfect long term relation. It can turn out to be a great thing in future for both of you if you already know about the taste of each other.  It is quite good thing and believe me, it can really increase the love between you and your partner.

8-      What is your favorite type of movie and music?

To know about each other’s favorites is a good thing to create a better understanding. So, this relationship question is a casual one but it is enough to know the taste of your partner and if your taste is also same then your relation might face a lot of better things in future.

relationship advice 9-      How you can describe a perfect relationship?

The point of view of your partner matters a lot in a long term relation. So, this question is a must if you want to have a perfect relation. You can try the things your partner like and consider for a perfect relationship. It is good relationship tips to know each other choices and try to apply them on ourselves.

10-   What would be the one thing you want me to change in myself?

As already mentioned, to change yourself a little according to your partner is not a big deal. You can try it and believe me you will feel more loved by your partner and to be loved more is the best feeling. It can also avoid future relationship problems and can prove to be the best relationship advice for couples.

So, these were some best relationship questions you should not hesitate to ask your partner before starting a long term relation.

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